Do not vote for Dr. Leticia Plummer for Texas’ 22nd Congressional District

Letitia Plummer

The Facts About Letitia Plummer

Letitia Plummer is a dentist practicing in Pearland, TX. Letitia Plummer will be running for Congress in Texas’ 22nd Congressional District. What you may not know about Ms. Plummer is that she recently ran a Reddit AMA where she received tough questions regarding he ideologies and backstory on why she is running. Not only did Ms. Plummer not answer a majority of the questions, she deleted many that were contributing to the conversation simply because she didn’t want to answer them. Is that someone you really want in a government position of power? Someone who blatantly disregards the first amendment to pass her own political agenda?

Letitia Plummer Political Experience

Ms. Plummer has no experience in politics and the Reddit debacle showed how she deals under stress. Someone that folds so quickly under pressure has no business running for public office. Ms. Plummer has shown that not only does she not know what she is doing, but cannot even hold a conversation with her critics. Do not vote Letitia Plummer for Texas’ 22nd Congressional District. Ms. Plummer does not have the experience or the knowledge to hold such a high position. Read more on Reddit here. Questions or comments? Contact Us.